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AmpliSpace Lossless Compression Support for Canon CR2 RAW Image Files

We are adding support for lossless compression of CR2 RAW image files in our AmpliSpace Lossless Image Compression SDK.

CR2 is Canon's RAW image file format which is widely used by professional photographers world wide. By compressing the CR2 files you will be able to save on storage costs, incre...

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MemoScale is working with 19 partners to tackle big data challenges in the EU project EVOLVE

EVOLVE is a European Innovation Action funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. The project is composed by 19 specialised partners from 11 European countries.

The aim of the project is to integrate high-performance computing, cloud and big data worlds in a uni...

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AMD EPYC™ & MemoScale: Erasure Coding Workload Performance for Single- and Multi-Core Processors

A white paper where we together with AMD compare the performance of MemoScale erasure coding running on AMD EPYC™ Processors, and Intel ISA-L erasure coding running on an Intel® Xeon® Processor.

Benefits Of

AmpliSpace Lossless Image Compression

Reduce Storage Costs Up To 75%

Get cost reductions with less storage capacity needed for your data.

Avoid Storage Compromises

Use higher image quality and store more on the same storage budget.

Boost Transfer Speed Up To 300%

Compressed images transfer faster and improve system performance.

Add Compression To Any Object Storage Solution

With MemoScale Compression Portal

Storage End Users/Clients

MemoScale Compression Portal

Object Storage Solution (Cloud or On-Premises)

Our transparent compression portal can be deployed with your existing storage solution on either the server or client side.

MemoScale Compression Products

AmpliSpace - Lossless Image Compression SDK

  • Lossless image compression of:
    • Raw image files and pixel data
      • New! Canon CR2 RAW image files
    • TIFF, JPEG2000, PNG and more
    • DICOM files (medical images: X-Ray, MRI, CT and more)
    • GeoTIFF files (satellite images)
  • Up to 34 % better compression than JPEG2000
  • The entire image files (including meta data) are compressed/decompressed without any loss of data.
  • Transparent integration of the compression software in storage architectures is supported. Compression/decompression is then not visible for end users.
  • No lock in - perpetual license for decompression software is provided free of charge.
  • The SDK includes tools necessary to integrate AmpliSpace compression in storage systems, data processing systems and work flows.
  • Evaluation version is available.

Compression Portal and Client

  • Performs compression/decompression on-the-fly for your storage solution.
  • Transparent integration: End users/clients read uncompressed data.
  • Supports post-production deployment and can compress data which already has been stored to free up storage space.
  • Integrates with your storage solution via SWIFT or S3 protocol. Works with:
    • Object storage systems such as CEPH, SWIFT and more.
    • Cloud services such as AWS S3, Azure and more.
  • Install on premises, in public cloud or on end-user clients.
  • Compresses:
    • General data
    • Numerical data
    • Image files: TIFF, JPEG2000, JPEG, PGM, PNG and more.
  • Evaluation version is available.

MemoScale Erasure Coding Products

Erasure Coding C-library

  • Unmatched encode and decode speed. Highly optimized for Intel, AMD, ARM and POWER processors.
  • Supports multiple types of erasure codes.
  • 3X faster recovery of drives and nodes using proprietary codes with reduced recovery traffic.
  • Optional bit error detection and correction on reads.
  • For integration in data storage systems.
  • Evaluation version is available.

Erasure Coding Plugin for CEPH, SWIFT and HDFS

  • Unmatched encode and decode speed. Highly optimized for Intel, AMD, ARM and POWER processors.
  • Optional bit error detection and correction on data reads.
  • Replaces alternative erasure code plugins in CEPH, SWIFT and HDFS.
  • Evaluation version is available.